Atma B2B Platform

Plataforma de e-commerce B2B

Have a B2B e-commerce platform made exactly to your business segment (such as IT Distribution, Automation, Wholesalers and Importers), with the possibility to create and configure various trading strategies. Treat your customer personalized, have unique profiles for each resale. Work seamlessly with tax calculations with your ERP, without loss of performance, avoiding differences in prices and unnecessary spending in rework and conferences.

A B2B e-commerce that follows your growth

The Atma B2B platform, to be segmented into two levels, can perfectly fit the current state of your company and evolve along with it. Packages can be reviewed at any time and new funcionalides can be requested.

Constant evolution

Have a B2B e-commerce platform that is constantly creating new features from research and market accompaniments and the needs of its customers. Every three months, a list of improvements and developments are available at no additional cost.

Use over SAAS or In-House

Choose the best way of hiring for your business. The Atma B2B Platform can be hired as a service (SAAS) or be installed and maintained by the distributor itself (In-House). Request a business contact to understand what is best model for your business.

Integration/comunication layer

Integration with ERPs through a pre configured and easy to use B2B platform. Communication "round trip" for products, stock price, applications, services, customer base, etc. In addition, our solution fits both ERPs to achieve a quick calculation of prices as slower solutions, without the perception of slowness for retailer.


Busca Inteligente - Plataforma B2B

Smart search

Search and intelligent navigation, including filters for multiple attributes, search for partial words and part numbers, auto correction ("did you mean") and suggestions. Allow your customer to find easily and intuitively what he is looking to buy.

Personalização - B2B e commerce


Deliver relevant content and directed to each customer. Have prices, discounts, promotions, banners and custom windows for each profile or segment. Moreover, the platform learns from his client. The more he navigates, more relevant products will be presented.

Faturamento Direto - Plataforma B2B

Direct-to-consumer sales

Allow your dealer to sell directly to his customer. Providing more flexibility and conversion to business.

Omne Channel - E-commerce B2B

Omni Channel (multi channel)

Be where your customer is, selling over the channels he wants to interact, be it on your computer or mobile, directly or through telesales with support from specialized vendors.

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