Atma ESD Platform

Imagem que ilustra o produto ESD

ESD is an electronic software distribution that fits the current reality of virtual consumption that demand convenience and practicality. The acquisition of physical media by the consumer becomes unnecessary to install an application on your machine, such as Office or Windows. Thus, product costs fall relative to products distributed in the form known "box" (physical distribution of the product). Software purchases can be made at any time, from anywhere in the world, with assertiveness and speed.

Some of the main advantages of this type of software distribution is the speed in obtaining the product and the fact that it does not require inventories.

The Atma IT Solutions is the only Latin American company to deploy Microsoft ESD in Brazil. We carry out the deployment of Microsoft ESD in large distributors such as SND , Alcatéia , Officer and Intcomex , a US company based in seven countries in Latin America.

Advantages of using Atma ESD Platform in your project:

  • Imagem que ilustra 4 etapas de testes do ESD

    Experience in four testing steps that Microsoft makes to approve the system and the process flow;

  • Imagem que ilustra a rapidez no desenvolvimento do projeto pela atma

    Time to Market: An ESD project takes an average of 15 weeks, but the Atma realizes the process in less than one month;

  • Imagem que ilustra Validação de interface

    Interface Validation ( UX Review) and of all technical requirements;

  • Imagem que ilustraa consultoria do produto ESD

    Business consulting services to help our customers to identify the best model of ESD for your company (B2B, B2C or B2B2C).

ESD is faster, simpler and cheaper than media software distribution. Customers always want to have access to your purchases as soon as possible and ESD is the right solution to meet this demand.