Your e-commerce everywhere.

In the current high-tech world, all online stores need to be visible and friendly by smartphones. Atma B2B Platform has one of the best options to companies that want to be on all devices.

Besides the experience of online buying on smartphone screen, you also can:

  • Follow your orders

  • Check your commissions

  • Simulate prices

  • Choose different payment methods

  • And others services for your customers.

Why mobile website?

First of all, you need to know an important fact: Google updated its search engine algorithm last year to verify websites that can be accessed by mobile devices. Another survey has discovered that 62% of Google searches are from tablets or smartphones. Moreover, websites without mobile or responsive versions were lowered in search results. In other words, to have an e-commerce on mobile website is crucial

A mobile website pure is the total liberty to create from scratch, without strings. It means: an architecture planned and dedicated to smartphones, a golden opportunity to build an e-commerce tool extremely effective.

See below some positive points of a mobile and not a responsive version:

  • Allow to go further in usability to mobile devices according to the programming quality

  • Can generate a single and customized experience according to your preference on mobile devices

  • The best option to create separated targets between computers and mobile devices

  • Codes easier to be comprehended and developed.

Single URL

Despite the fact that Atma B2B Mobile Platform has an interface separated to desktop version, the user is not redirected to another URL as standard mobile websites, due to dynamic display. The dynamic display is a resource wherein the server returns different HTMLs (and CSS) at the same URL according to the user agent (device) that request the page.

Control Center: Manage and follow only by one touch

  • Sales

  • Reports

  • Average ticket

  • New customers

  • And all website services in real time

Atma B2B Mobile Platform has an ample dashboard with information to help CTOs, managers and sales representative take decisions. Also contains a lot of alerts about order status at the ERP, which prevents operational troubles.

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