Atma B2B Platform

Plataforma de e-commerce B2B

Have a B2B e-commerce platform made exactly to your business segment (such as IT Distribution, Automation, Wholesalers and Importers), with the possibility to create and configure various trading strategies. Treat your customer personalized, have unique profiles for each resale. Work seamlessly with tax calculations with your ERP, without loss of performance, avoiding differences in prices and unnecessary spending in rework and conferences.

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Atma ESD Platform

ESD is an electronic software distribution that fits the current reality of virtual consumption that demand convenience and practicality. The acquisition of physical media by the consumer becomes unnecessary to install an application on your machine, such as Office or Windows. Thus, product costs fall relative to products distributed in the form known "box" (physical distribution of the product). Software purchases can be made at any time, from anywhere in the world, with assertiveness and speed.

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