Distribution & Wholesales

  • Alcateia Distribuidora
  • Logo Intcomex - Latin American Distributor, present in more than 10 countries.
  • Logo Officer - Is the leading IT distributor in Brazil with high logistics capacity. There are 12,000 dealers and over 270,000 deliveries per year across the country.
  • Prime Interway
  • Logo SND - The SND is one of the largest distributors of computer products in Brazil.
  • Houter do Brasil
  • Cogra
  • Golden Distribuidora
  • All Nations
  • MPS
  • Impresistem
  • Digimess
  • Agis


  • Logo Centauro - Largest sporting goods franchise in Latin America
  • Logo 764 Kids - Online shop for children's clothing and baby layette. Logo 764 Kids - Online shop for children's clothing and baby layette.
  • Logo Vulpo Fashion - Women's Online Store
  • Informazine
  • A Casa do Alumínio
  • Strass Chic Moda
  • Premium Store
  • Culinary Depot
  • CafeNau title=

Industry & Services

  • Logo Aliz - Aliz operates in the Fiscal Intelligence consulting market, supporting companies to develop their fiscal and tax management more efficient and conscious
  • Logo BRQ - BRQ is one of the leading companies of IT services in Brazil, with professionals working in the branches of São Paulo, Alphaville, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Fortaleza, Recife, Salvador, Brasilia, Natal and New York.
  • Logo P2B Communication - P2B develops agility and intelligence communication of corporate events.
  • Logo Eaton - World leader in the supply of components and electrical, hydraulic, automotive, aeronautical systems and filtration systems, offers brands, products and solutions of proven excellence for the South American market.
  • Logo Intragroup SAP Specialists - Since its foundation, its main focus is to collaborate with business process implementations considering the SAP tools available with the expertise and the Intragroup differential.